Friday, January 14, 2011

Did Mark Levin's Hate Speech Incite Mass Murder in Tuscon?

I'm just asking the question. Notice the Cavuto Mark at the end of the title? I'm not saying that his mother's a whore, I'm just asking the question since the evidence suggests that his mother has sex for money. Likewise, I'm not saying Mark Levin's daily hate speech caused the Tuscon massacre.

I’m waiting for an allegation that is very specific against me because I’m going to sue.

 I don’t care if they’re bloggers. I don’t care if they’re television hosts. I don’t care if they’re radio hosts.

I’m going to drag your ass into Federal Court.

 Oh, you’ll have due process. They’ll all be nice and legal.I’m going to personally depose you. I’m going to drag you in front of a jury. And I’m going to get your assets.

Somebody has to stand up to this. Somebody has to draw the line.

Chris Matthews, Ed Schultz, Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow, Joe Scarborough, test me. Test me. David Frum, you little weasel, test me. All of you.

I believe in the law. I believe in free speech. I believe in responsible speech. Now, you want people to tone it down? OK, good.

Anybody who accuses me of inciting mass-murder in Tuscon, AZ, is going to be sued. Period.

I don’t mean, ‘oh, his rhetoric is incendiary’. Anybody who tries to tie me to that monstrous event.

I’m going to tell you why. When you get behind this microphone everyday and you speak from the heart and millions of people are listening and family and friends they’re listening too. They’re affected by all these things.

 Now, I’m a public figure, I’m a big boy, I can handle this. The question is whether these other boys can handle it.

 You think I’m kidding? Try me! Because I’m not kidding.
The laws of libel are actually older than the First Amendment. And it is something I am prepared to use..

 You’re on notice.

Like I said, I don't want to end up in Federal Court <<giggle>> so I'm not saying that Mark Levin incited this terrible massacre. But, I think we are all in agreement that he is a giant, throbbing, bald asshole. Now lets throw the question as to whether Mark Levin incited (and continues to incite) mass murder with his hate speech open for discussion.


  1. Did Mark Levin incite mass murder in Tuscon? I don't know, but he IS a giant asshole!

  2. What concerns me is why Mr. Levin has never denied rumors of his complicity with Glenn Beck in the rape and murder of a young girl in 1990.

  3. Every time I hear this raging douche on AM radio, I think of this keyboard gif.

  4. Did that shit-for-brains Mark Levin incite those murders? We may never know for sure.

    But we do know Mark Levin definitely has shit-for-brains.

  5. what bad example man says: did Mr. Levin help dismember the girl that people wonder if Glenn Beck raped and murdered? Not saying it DID happen of course, but if it did, was Levin the guy wielding the machete while she was alive and begging for mercy? People want to know, and the longer Mark Levin goes without answering questions about his role, the longer the controversy goes on.

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  7. What Levin said was pretty simple, and he's correct. The fact that you clowns actually went through the trouble of creating a blog is laughable.

    Loughner is a psychopath, pure and simple. He likely had a psychotic break, and there is ZERO evidence that political discourse, liberal or conservative, had anything to do with it. But it's a pathetic attempt by you on the left to link the uprising against Marxism in America as hate-speech.

  8. It would be irresponsible not to speculate that John was cupping Levin's balls while the bald, bearded douche was inciting mass murder.

  9. By his very name, we have strong evidence that John is full of shit. At least until someone flushes him. He also outs himself as someone who pays for sex.

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  11. That's it, Kevin and lovable, let the ad hominem, anger and vitriol flow like it does from so many liberals.

    Prove to everyone that you haven't the capacity for rational debate.

    Show us you're like this guy:

  12. Obviously Levin is hiding something. I'll go on record saying that Levin should be thoroughly investigated by a special prosecutor.

    It doesn't matter how long it takes or how much it costs. We need to find the truth either way. If Levin ends up not having any responsibility, he'll thank us for clearing his name.

  13. i would fox-newsify it, "Mark Levin's Hate Speech Incited Mass Murder in Tuscon?" a good time no matter how ya slice it though.

  14. John, no reasonable person questions the fact that Loughner was a psychopath with a bizarre political philosophy. The real question is this: Did Mark Levin send coded messages to Loughner via his nationally syndicated radio show that caused the psychotic break?

  15. @John:

    ...let the ad hominem, anger and vitriol flow like it does from so many liberals.

    Good gawd, have you ever listened to the guy? I have and he's a nasty, angry misanthrope and I run for the shower afterward.

    Show us you're like this guy...

    Let us know when Eric Fuller gets a national radio show and we'll let you know.

    BTW, it's a great thing that somebody put together a website calling the wingnuts out for their now common propaganda technique that's come to be known as JAQing off. Thanks Mark Levin Is An Asshole!